Gloriana Chamber Choir


On Yearning and Feeding the Spirit – Part II

In less than three weeks, Gloriana Chamber Choir will present two concerts of Life and Breath: Songs of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. The poetry included in this concert speaks of the basic elements of life; of earth, wind, fire,…

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On Yearning and Feeding the Spirit – Part I.

Gloriana Chamber Choir was borne from the idea that many choral conductors, while we love leading others in song, also yearn to sing ourselves. We conduct and have little time to satisfy the desire to sing that started us on our musical paths…

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WUIS Interview with Elizabeth Zobel

An interview with Gloriana Chamber Choir Artistic Director and Conductor Elizabeth Zobel and WUIS News Director Sean Crawford aired on Illinois Edition today. They discussed Gloriana and Sunday’s inaugural concert at First Presbyterian. If you missed the Illinois Edition broadcast on 91.9…

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Interact with us!

The wonderful thing about social media is that it is intended to be social. Not just a one-way communication method for the dissemination of information, but a vehicle for us to communicate with each other. As musicians, our primary method of…

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Go, Gloriana! Goal #2 Reached!

Thank you to all our friends who have given Gloriana Chamber Choir their financial support! Because of your faith in our vision, we have raised $1,655 thus far, exceeding our $1,000 goal for today. We are over halfway to our $3,000 goal by…

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2 Weeks to Our First Concert!

Two weeks from now we will present our first Gloriana Chamber Choir concert, Long Live Fair Oriana. Rehearsals are going well, and we are all enjoying spending time delving into this glorious English choral music. If you’ve never been in First Presbyterian…

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