2 Weeks to Our First Concert!

Gloriana Concert Poster 2014Two weeks from now we will present our first Gloriana Chamber Choir concert, Long Live Fair Oriana. Rehearsals are going well, and we are all enjoying spending time delving into this glorious English choral music. If you’ve never been in First Presbyterian Church in Springfield, you are in for a real treat. It is a beautiful space and will be a wonderful atmosphere for listening to this beautiful a cappella choral music. Come see and hear for yourself on Sunday, August 3 at 4:00 p.m. at Lincoln’s Church.

Check out our great concert poster above! (Thanks to Gloriana singer Abby Musgrove for the poster design.) You can feel free to post it on your webpage, FB page, tweets, emails, etc. etc. If you would like a paper copy to hang at your business, church or other appropriate location, please email us at info@glorianachamberchoir.org and we’ll get posters to you.

Go, Gloriana! Update:

We surpassed our initial goal of $100 for the first 24 hours of our flash campaign!  We have now received $655 toward our goal of $1000 by tomorrow’s rehearsal (Monday, July 21). Thank you to all who have helped us and are supporting excellent choral music in central Illinois. Only $345 to go by tomorrow evening! Are you a music lover? A friend of choral music? A friend of someone in Gloriana? Help us raise $345 in the next 24 hours. Even a donation of $10 will make a difference!

Your donations will help us spread the word about the concert and allow more people to share in this glorious music!

One Comment on “2 Weeks to Our First Concert!

  1. Wow this is so awesome!!! Sounds like a lot of devotion went into this project and (as usual) you’ve been largely successful Elizabeth! We are definitely excited to come and listen to the Gloriana on Sunday!! See you there!!!


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