Go Gloriana LogoColorJoin our flash campaign to jumpstart Gloriana Chamber Choir! Our first concert is coming up soon, and before then we need your help to make this concert possible. Help us raise $3,000 by concert day, Sunday, August 3. Join us in bringing excellent choral music to a large audience in central Illinois.

We are hosting our own crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to cover our expenses and give Gloriana a great start. By doing this ourselves and bypassing the traditional crowdfunding sites (Kickstarter, et al.), we are ensuring that 100% of your donation goes to Gloriana, not to a third-party fundraising site.

All funding is good funding. Even if you can only give $5, that $5 will make a big difference to our goal. Of course, $50 or $100 or $500 will go even further! Since Gloriana is brand new, our most immediate need is to raise cash to spend on advertising, so that people will know about our concert and come share in our beautiful music. To that end, help us meet these goals:

$100 by Wednesday, July 16 (tomorrow!)

$1000 by Monday, July 21 (our next Gloriana rehearsal)

$3000 by Sunday, August 3 (our first concert)

Visit the Go, Gloriana! page to see what goodies we are offering in exchange for your support. Or, just click on the Donate button now and you are good to go!

We will update the Go, Gloriana! page and Facebook and Twitter with progress of the campaign as your donations come in. Follow our campaign and Go, Gloriana!

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