What an exciting endeavor!


When I first began dreaming about this ensemble, I thought about the fact that as a conductor and professor of music, I have little time to sing myself. I love being at the podium, but my love for choral music began as a singer and I often miss the singing. I knew that there must be lots of conductors and music teachers out there who felt the same way. We spend so much time working with our church choirs, teaching our students, in rehearsal and in performance, that we are left with very little time to sing ourselves.

 With that in mind, I am founding Gloriana Chamber Choir as a summer ensemble. During the summer months, those of us who are professional choral musicians have some time away from our crazy daily schedules. Time to plan for the next year, time to recreate and recharge. My hope has been that the limited time commitment and the scheduling of Gloriana would make it appealing to other musicians. Thus far, it appears that I have indeed found a niche that needed to be filled. Response from prospective singers has been enthusiastic and many have echoed my sentiments about looking forward to the opportunity to sing and spend time with other like-minded colleagues. While I will still be at the podium, I am so excited that there are others out there who are eager to take advantage of the opportunity to be “on the other side of the baton.”

Here is a sampling of responses to the initial call for auditions:

“How exciting! …What a refreshing idea this is!”

“It has been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to sing outside of [my] own classroom and church choir. I would very much like the opportunity to sing with other professionals.”

“I would love to sing in the Gloriana Chamber Choir this summer!”

“This sounds like a great opportunity.”

 “What an exciting endeavor!”

“Thank you for the offer to join this wonderful choir…”

“I would love to participate in this!”

“Gloriana Chamber Choir sounds like a wonderful opportunity! …[I] would be so pleased to be a part of your group!”

“I would love the opportunity to audition for this ensemble!”

 “What an exciting choral opportunity! It sounds like something I would enjoy.”

Won’t you join us as well? You do not need to be a conductor or a teacher, just an experienced singer who would like to invest a few weeks in some great choral music. See our Auditions page for more information.

One Comment on “What an exciting endeavor!

  1. This looks like a promising opportunity for area musicians who want to sing as professionals, but do not not want to leave their current positions. It fills an important niche.


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